Not to toot our own horn, but at TRM we’re pretty pleased with the websites we make. They look good, they work well, and based on our PageSpeed scores Google is also a fan. And as we have already noted, a solid website is the most crucial component in building and maintaining your online presence.

‘But’, you’re probably saying right about now, ‘having a website can’t be all there is to digital marketing, right?’ Absolutely correct. After all, a website is only as good as the people who use it think it is. Or in other words, the more people go (and come back) to your site, the more its reputation as ‘a good site’ is established.

Think about it like this—say you woke up one day and built the world’s best lawnmower. Would you only be telling the people who come to your store about it? Of course not! You’d obviously want as much exposure as possible; the more people know about your amazing machine, the more sales you’re going to net, and the more popular your business becomes.

The exact same approach should be applied to your website. Fortunately for you, TRM has got exactly what you need! Here are just a few of the services we can provide to draw attention to your site:

  • Search Engine Marketing: We’re still waiting to hear back from NASA on the exact number, but safe to say there are a ton of websites on the internet. So how do you stand out from the crowd? A Search Engine Marketing (or SEM for short) package, that’s how. It works by buying the right to show up at the very top of a search that’s hyper relevant to your business, based on things like the words that were searched, the physical location of the person searching them, and the geographic area where you do the most business.
  • Banner Retargeting: It’s no secret that people like doing research before making an online purchase. In fact, only 2% of website viewers go on to actually buy something after visiting a website the first time. So it’s really important to stay top of mind with the other 98%…even after they leave. Fortunately, our Retargeting campaigns allow us to do just that—every time a new visitor comes to your website, ads featuring your business will be shown to them all over the internet.
  • Facebook posting: Love it or hate it, Facebook is an online juggernaut. Seriously, over 1.5 BILLION people log on to Facebook at least once a day. So even if it’s not something you want in your personal life, having a Facebook profile for your business is a sure-fire way to attract potential customers. The best part? We’ll do it all for you! Managing the page, making posts, and even setting up ad campaigns within Facebook—we run things behind the scenes so you can concentrate on running your business.

Want to learn more about how these features work? Wondering which one is right for your business? Drop us a line today! And be sure to check out Part 2 of our Marketing Toolbox installment for even more get-the-word-out options.