When given lemons it’s time to make lemonade. We wish TRM had the resources to produce vaccines, but we don’t. What we can do is dig in, get creative and do our best to help our dealer partners market their business through uncharted waters.

Across the country, people are already reducing and limiting in-person contact with others. But what’s not being reduced is how often they’re interacting digitally. From blog posting to TikTok videos, social media use is about to see a huge uptick in numbers. And we’re not just saying that because we’re a marketing agency—we’re saying it because it’s a safe and consistently available means to communicate with other people. If your business does not have a strong digital presence, your potential customers will be attracted to your competition that DOES!

Along the same lines, here’s are some ways we can help keep your online presence healthy:

  • Dedicated chat tool. Our websites include a chat feature that allows you to communicate with clients on desktop or mobile devices. We highly recommend turning this feature “ON” on your website if it is not already. It’s easy – just respond to this email letting us know you would like a chat on your website, and we will start the process with you.
  • New creative messaging. We’ve added a banner to the home page about at-home projects, encouraging customers to reach out to you for the tools they’ll need. When a customer clicks on this banner, they will be redirected to the contact form on your site so they can begin the conversation with you on getting the information and supplies needed for their project.
  • Emphasis on delivery and pick up services. If your dealership offers pickup & delivery and it’s not mentioned on your website already, let us know! We will be making this information prominent on all sites so customers can rest assured they can social-distance while still keeping their equipment in tip-top shape.
  • Publishing changes in hours. If you’re amending your store hours to accommodate the recent situation, let’s make sure your customers know about it by updating your website. Respond to this email with any updates, and we will make sure your website has up-to-date information.
  • If there are any other changes you would like made to your website during this time, please let us know. We look forward to the opportunity to support you during this time.

Now is more important than ever for your business to present on social media as many of your customers find themselves stuck at home with a lot of time on their hands. We would like to offer you some ideas that we will be implementing ourselves across social media:

  • Post often and be readily available to respond to comments, answer questions, and interact with your customers.
  • Push messaging that will be attractive to your customers that are social-distancing, such as pickup/delivery services, online parts lookup, etc.
  • Let your customers know if your store is experiencing any temporary closing or change in hours.
  • Post a message from the owner of the company outlining the precautionary steps your store is taking.

By default, if you’re on a TRM Dealer Health package, we will also be implementing messaging on your Facebook page that does not outright reference COVID-19, but posts that are relevant to the current situation. We are gathering information from your websites such as: pick up/delivery services, online parts lookup, etc. that makes it appealing for customers who are social-distancing to still support your business.

If there is messaging directly regarding COVID-19 that you would like distributed on Facebook, please respond to this email and we will get it posted soon. Some ideas include: temporary store closing, temporary change in store hours, a message from the owner, precautionary steps your store is taking, or even something light-hearted like a photo of the hand sanitizer you have in stock!